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The Guitar Teachers Grimoire Book Cover Lee C. Conley

Non Fiction - Guitar Textbook

The Guitar Teachers Grimoire is a complete encyclopedia of chords, arpeggios and scales with supporting theory all explained and arranged for easy quick reference. Ideal for advanced guitarists or guitar teachers looking to expand their knowledge and also beginners alike. This book makes the perfect grade companion, with every chord, arpeggio and scale for any grade syllabus and more such as an in depth look at advanced scale systems. Including multiple positions across the fretboard, modal systems, Jazz scales and also an extensive collection of exotic scales from different cultures around the world. The Grimoire will look at each chord, arpeggio and scale in full, explaining how each is constructed, explaining which intervals are used to give each its particular sound and feel and show you how to use them correctly in your work. Learn how different chords and scales interact in different keys, enabling you to construct chord progressions correctly and play awesome lead over the most complex of progressions The Grimoire is crammed full of essential knowledge with over 240 different scale positions, over 190 chord shapes, over 80 arpeggio positions and hundreds of chord charts and example licks to play. Written to be simply one of the best guitar books around. Delve within this mighty tome to discover for yourself the hidden secrets of the guitar.

The Guitar Teachers Grimoire

Lee Conley

ISBN - 9781516840748

Wolves of Valour Publications
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