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The best place for all the latest news and updates, 

plus my review blog, and my random ramblings and other posts for your enjoyment.

Join me in my quest to read the best fantasy books ever written and to discover the best new voices in speculative fiction. 

I mostly read fantasy, sci-fi and horror, and I'll be reviewing all my favourite books here,

from traditionally published titles, both old classics and new releases, and of course supporting the indie books. 

  • Lee C Conley

12 authors have come together to write 12 epic tales of horror!

From 12 of indie fantasy and horror's brightest names, this is an anthology you don't want to miss! Each story is based on a gruesome body part to make up The Anatomy of Fear!

Edited by Sarah Chorn, a forward by PL Stuart, put together by HL Tinsley, we have it packed with SPFBO finalists and award wining authors, all have done a kick ass job, and each and every story is a must read.

As for my contribution, I wont reveal the title here, but check out the grisly gaslamp detective gothic horror short story about... The Eye!

Click the image below to get your copy

My new horror short story collection is out now!

Once More Into The Dark contains 6 weird tales of horror and could be just what you want to read as the dark nights draw in leading up to Halloween!

A mix of dark fantasy/grimdark and historical fiction, all with a horror twist! From subterranean terrors to nautical horror, stories of the witch trials, and there's even a dark western in there too!

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