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22nd June 2021  -  Max Reads BookTube review of A Ritual of Bone

Check out this super amazing review video of A Ritual of Bone. Max does incredibly insightful and in-depth video reviews and this is one of the best reviews I've seen for the book so far, he really got what I was trying to do with it. I'd very much recommend you all subscribe to his channel too - please give this a watch if your curious about The Dead Sagas

4th June 2021  -  What are you Selling Podcast

I recently visited David Green's podcast to talk writing horror fantasy and generally have a chat - it was a good laugh, check it out!

2nd June 2021  -  Q&A hosted by Joshua Gillingham

I stopped by to do a Q&A with Joshua Gillingham (author of the awesome The Gatewatch) - it was a great set of questions, check it out!

Check out the interview here


16th May 2021  -  Fantastic review of A Ritual of Flesh

This is one of the best reviews I've ever got, massive thanks to Paul (previously aka Bookends and Bagends) for this writeup.

There's so many insanely good quotes, I can't choose, so here's a few:

"Conley’s writing style covers the entire range between brutal and hauntingly beautiful and is never anything short of evocative"

"think The Last Kingdom re-imagined by Romero and Tarantino, and you won’t be far wrong"

"an exhilarating and monumental reading experience"

"A RITUAL OF FLESH truly is a thunderous sequel"

And there's so many more - Just read it, read this review folks!!

Check out the full review here

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9th April 2021  -  The Audiobook for A Ritual of Flesh is Out Now!

The new Dead Sagas audiobook, A Ritual of Flesh, is Out Now!!! Also available in paperback, glorious hardbacks, or ebook.

It's essentially Norsemen vs zombies with lots of atmospheric horror and grim brutal fantasy, so if that sounds cool please do check it out.

The darkness is coming, and now only valour and steel can stand against the rising dead in this epic fantasy horror series!

Buy your copy here:


12th February 2021  -  The Guild Podcast 

I joined C. Marry Hultman on The Guild podcast from W.A.R.G and we had a great chat about all things writing, horror and fantasy

Check it out Here


7th February 2021  -  Three Crows Magazine reviews A Ritual of Bone

"...In contrast to our current world, Conley’s dead are impossible to ignore, and sometimes they are impossible to escape."

Julie Ann Rea reviews Lee C. Conley's second installment in The Dead Sagas - "A Ritual of Flesh"

Check it out Here

3 crows.png

6th February 2021  -  The Book in Hand Reviews  A Ritual of Bone

Wow it's reviews like this that we all dream of - a huge thank you to Sam at The Book in Hand for this absolutely fantastic review!! If you've been curious about The Dead Sagas give this one a read and see what she thinks

Check it out Here


27th January 2021  -  TBRCon21 Horror Panel

In case anyone missed it here's last night's TBRcon21 horror panel - we discuss fear, what scares us, and generally talk about writing horror

Featuring myself, Jonathan Janz, Tim Meyer, Mike Carey,

Andy Davidson, K.M. Alexander and David Walters of FanFiAddict

2nd January 2021  -  Best of 2020 list

A Ritual of Bone hits another best of 2020 list! Huge thank you to Steve of The BookWyrmSpeaks for including it

Check it out Here


9th December 2021  - TBRCon21 Announcement

We've been waiting to reveal this a little while now - check out this Con! Its hosted by FanFiAddict and features, a ton of super cool authors, there's panel's and readings, all sorts - I'm on a horror panel with some amazing authors discussing scary book stuff so be sure to come check it out. #TBRcon21

The event will be running from Monday 25th January 2021 - Saturday 30th.


18th - 24th October 2020  -  Book Tour

The blog tour has kicked off!

You can check out all the blog posts from right here, including a number of guest articles written by Lee and an interview.

18th Oct - The Welcoming at Whispers & Wonder 

Whispers & Wonder - Welcome post and guest article - On the inspiration behind The Dead Sagas.

Day 1 - 19th October

The Swordsmith - Book Review

HighhFantasy - Book Review

Abbeysbooktopia - Book Review

Day 2 - 20th October

Beneath A Thousand Skies - Book Review

Out of This World SFF Reviews - Epic reviews of both books

GenericBooks - Book Review

Day 3 - 21st October

Maxine's Obsessions - Book Review

One Reading Nurse - Book Review

Spells & Spaceships - Review and Author Interview

safe_image (1).jpg

Day 4 - 22nd October

Book Steff's Bookish Blog - Book Review

The Book Loving Pharmacist - Book Review

The B00kreader - Book Review

Day 5 - 23rd October

OllieSpot SFF Book Review - Book Review

Always_haveabooktoread - Book Review

FanFiAddict - Guest post - On marrying Fantasy and horror, and on keeping the dead fresh

Closing post - 24th October

RockStarLit BookAsylum - Round up of the Tour, and a guest Post featuring the music and imagery that inspired The Dead Sagas.


20th October 2020  -  Fantasy Fiends Podcast 

I join Andy Pelequin, CF Welburn, Angela J. Ford and Kristin J Dawson on the Fantasy Fiends podcast over on Indie Fantasy Addicts, where we will be discussing our books and the theme of curses. 

Check it out!


16th October 2020  -  Book Tour!

Next week!!

A Ritual of Bone goes on tour!

To support the new release of A Ritual of Flesh, the first book in the series is going on a book your with StoryTellers on tour.

A Ritual of Bone will be featured on some excellent blogs.

There will be loads of awesome reviews, interviews and some guest articles by me - there's a book giveaway too! 

So come check it out on my social media!


12th October 2020  -  Author interview at BookWormBlues

I return to BookWormBlues to get interviewed by Sarah Chorn!!!

Check out the interview here!


10th October 2020  -  A Ritual of Flesh is out now!

A Ritual of Flesh



The Dead Sagas

is out today!

Get your copy now!

Signed paperbacks and hardbacks of both books in the series are available just get in touch.

More details in my blog here.

Available on 

Amazon and all good book stores

front cover.jpg

7th October 2020  -  Book Review of A Ritual of Flesh from Out of this World SFF Reviews

Holy shit!!

This review is incredible! The mighty Nick Borrelli at Out of this World SFF Reviews gives A Ritual of Flesh a 9/10!!!

Folks, please check this out and read his words!

Check out his full review here!

front cover.jpg

23rd September 2020  -  Book Review of A Ritual of Flesh from the author Nancy Foster

Okay folks, the first reviews of A Ritual of Flesh are trickling in, and I know some of you are eagerly awaiting it, so check this out!

Nancy Foster reviews A Ritual of Flesh with a 5 star!!! Thank you so much!

And the review is awesome too! To those waiting, I think you will want to read what she says!!

"I do believe this book exceeded my expectations from an already solid first book and it has been one of my favorite reads this year. "

Read the full review here

front cover.jpg

23rd September 2020  -  Book Review of A Ritual of Bone from BookWormBlues

"Probably one of the most unique blends of horror and epic fantasy I've come across. Highly recommended, if you enjoy your grimdark with a side of creeping dead "

An absolutely stunning review of A Ritual of Bone from Sarah Chorn (My editor's editor!! Woohoo!!!) - please take a look

Read the full review here

Front Cover.jpg

17th September 2020  -  A Ritual of Flesh cover reveal

Here it is in all its glory!

Artwork by the incredible Andrey Vasilchenko

The cover reveal was hosted by Storytellers on Tour, who I would like to give a huge thank you to.

Pre-Orders are live now!

Release date for E-Book, paperback and Hardback 

is October 10th

front cover.jpg

7th September 2020  -  A Ritual of Flesh release news

The news you have been waiting for!

The Dead Sagas Volume II - A Ritual of Flesh, releases next month on October 10th.

There will be a cover reveal on September 17th, when I will also hopefully have the pre-orders go! 

A Ritual of Flesh.png

2nd June 2020  -  Bookends and Bagends reviews

A Ritual of Bone

"It’s a brutal, character-driven, genre-spanning howitzer of a novel"

An absolutely stunning review of A Ritual of Bone from Bookends and Bagends - please take a look

Read the full review here

Bagends and Bookends.png

2nd June 2020  -  FanFiAddict reviews A Ritual of Bone

Fan-FiAddict reviews A Ritual of Bone with a 7.5/10 on his blog and 4 stars on goodreads - I'll take that!

"A Ritual of Bone is very much a fantasy/horror mishmash that sends The Elder Scrolls and The Walking Dead on a date, and brings Vikings on as a third-wheel. It is an enjoyable romp that has several flashes of brilliance, boasts an enjoyable cast of characters, and is perfect for those looking for more necromancy on their fantasy sundae."

The full review here


19th May 2020  -  SFRC (Super Relaxed Fantasy Club)

Reading from A Ritual of Flesh

This Tuesday, 19th of May, you will be able to get a first exclusive to SRFC sneaky peak of the new book A Ritual of Flesh, which is book 2 in The Dead Sagas Series.  

Check it out here

A Ritual of Flesh.png

17th May 2020  -  My first ever published poetry featured in Bard of the Isles magazine

Issue 4 of Bard of the Isles magazine came out today!

This issue is the first to feature poetry and two of the poems featured are by myself. My first published poetry! One is a sonnet about rivalry and the other a unsettling horror poem about a doll, (both are also here on my website in the poetry section) so if that sounds of interest please do go check them out, along with all the other great short stories and content, and let me know what you think.


Here at:

Bard of the Isles Logo.jpg

28th April 2020  -  QuaranCon 2020 - Panel 

Today I took part in a panel for QuaranCon2020 about writing fight scenes, alongside Anna Smith Spark, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Damo Danger Larkin and Patrick LeClerc - some fantastic people! And we're being moderated by M.L Wang too. It was a really interesting panel and really good fun.

Check it out here

3rd April 2020  -  Fantasy/Sci-fi Focus Live Q&A

I did a live Q&A for Fantasy/Sci-fi Focus over on Facebook last night.

I talk about my books and writing, I talk about working with my new editor Alicia Wanstall-Burke, and how to find an editor, I talk about my favourite books and films, great self published books, and give some general book recommendations. I also talk about swordfighting, and generally have a chit chat with the folks who turned up to watch.

Check it out here

1st April 2020  -  A Ritual of Bone excerpt featured in

Bard of the Isles magazine

Issue 3 of Bard of the Isles magazine is live now!!

This issue features the first three chapters of A Ritual of Bone in their entirety! 


Check it out here

Bard of the Isles Logo.jpg

28th March 2020  -  Fantasy/Sci-fi Focus Reading

A live reading I did last week over at Fantasy Focus on Facebook for their Rock The Isolation event. This reading is an excerpt from a short story titled, 

A Promise: Once More into the Dark


which will eventually feature here on my website in the short stories section and also in the upcoming Fantasy Focus Anthology. 

Check it out here

11th February 2020  -  A Ritual of Bone Audiobook Release - Out Now

The wait is over - It's out today!

The audiobook for A Ritual of Bone, narrated by R.J. Bayley is out now!!

It's available on Audible, Amazon and i-Tunes

Go and have a listen, but remember, Beware the dead


27th January 2020  -  A Ritual of Flesh is Finished!!

I am very happy to announce, I have finished writing and drafting The Dead Sagas volume II, which will be titled A Ritual of Flesh.

The draft, which coming in at just under 160,000 words, is a beast, and will soon be with my new editor Alicia Wanstall-Burke to be polished up for release. I am very excited about this one.

Watch this space for more news soon, but the release of Volume II of The Dead Sagas is mere months away! 

A Ritual of Flesh.png
The Dead Sagas 1.png

Volume II

16th January 2020  -  A Ritual of Bone makes a 'Best Books of 2019' list

I made a list! A Ritual of Bone made the 'Best Books of 2019' list on The Thousand Scars Blog!
Thank you to Michael Baker! It's a honour to be listed amongst such kick ass writers.

Check it out here

Front Cover.jpg

30th December 2019  -  Audiobook announcement

The audiobook for A Ritual of Bone has finished Production. R.J. Bayley has done an incredible job in bringing The Dead Sagas to life. I am currently proofing the final audio files, and release is only weeks away. Here is a glimpse at the cover!

Watch this space for news on the release.


28th October 2019  - BristolCon was a blast!


Well BristolCon was fantastic. I met some awesome folks. Anna Stephen's workshop was really good too, learnt alot!

The BIWC workshop went well, and it was great to finally meet some of the internet people, in particular fellow authors Michael Baker and Damien Larkin. You guys rock. Here's some pics

26th October 2019  -  Bristol Con


I will be attending BristolCon in October. Looking forward to catching up with everyone and meetings some new faces - I'll see you in the Bar!

I will also be running a workshop with fellow members of the Bards of the Isles team & British and Irish Writing Community. 

The workshop will be focusing on the benefits of collaboration within the writing community, how the BIWC has helped us all, and talking about the development and impact of Bard of the Isles.

3rd October 2019  -  Storied Lives Podcast with Ryan Kirk, featuring Lee C. Conley

Hey guys, this week a new Storied Lives podcast by Ryan Kirk went live.
This episode Ryan interviews yours truly, we talk medieval combat, Conan, and generally discuss the stories and books which have touched our lives.
Also for any Dead Sagas fans out there, I discuss the series and give some deeper insights into various plot points and characters you maybe interested in. Also there is mention of my upcoming work and future projects.
This was a really fun podcast and Ryan was great to chat with, so go have a listen

Ryan Kirk Storied Lives Logo-design.png

1st September 2019  -  Launch of Bard of the Isles Magazine

I am very proud to announce the launch of The Bard of the Isles magazine, which launches its first edition today.

I am a proud member and admin of The British and Irish Writing Community group and one of the team behind the Bard of the Isles magazine.

Bard of the Isles is a literary magazine, featuring collections of short stories, author interviews and articles, brought to you by The British and Irish Writing Community.

Check out the first edition Here


25th August 2019  -  A Ritual of Bone is reviewed by Fantasy Book Review

“There’s no shortage of surprises and it’s pretty much action from the start.”

The excellent Sean Barrs over at Fantasy Book Review has reviewed A Ritual of Bone, and I think he liked it.

Read the full review Here


18th August 2019  -  A Ritual of Bone Won an Award!!!

A Ritual of Bone has won the Readers Corner Award at FantastiCon.

Its my first award, and was quite unexpected!!

Fantasticon award.jpg

18th August 2019  -  FantastiCon

I appeared as a special guest at FantastiCon this weekend in Cleethorpes, UK.


It was a great success!! Check out some pics.

17th - 18th August 2019  -  FantastiCon

I will be appearing as a special guest at FantastiCon this weekend in Cleethorpes, UK.


Come along and say hello, see some cool geeky stuff, i'll have a book stall in case you'd like a signed copy of A Ritual of Bone


7th August 2019  -  Fantasy Faction reviews A Ritual of Bone

“If you like brutal, grimdark fantasy, monstrous hordes, historically influenced settings and tasty lore then give this book a look”

Fantasy Faction reviewer Richard Marpole has reviewed A Ritual of Bone!!!  And the review is killer!!

If any one has nailed onto my intentions behind A Ritual of Bone so far it's FantasyFaction's review - Spot on guys!!! And, a huge thanks to the Fantasy Faction team, I'm really glad you guys enjoyed it

Read the full review Here


26th July 2019  -  Fantasy Hive Author Spotlight - Lee C. Conley

Not only did Fantasy Hive review A Ritual of Bone yesterday,
But today, they put up an author interview with yours truly, where we had a fun chat about stuff and things - check it out!!!

"We chatted to Lee Conley, author of A RITUAL OF BONE, a story of "an early medieval fantasy world struggling against the horrors of the risen dead."


Check it out Here!


25th July 2019  -  Fantasy Hive reviews A Ritual of Bone

"Gloriously dark and gory... recommended for fans of horror, fantasy, and good old-fashioned monster slaying."

Fantasy Hive reviewer Nils Shukla reviews A Ritual of Bone

Read the full Review Here


22nd July 2019  -  A Ritual of Bone is reviewed in Three Crows Magazine

I'm in Three Crows Magazine!!!

A Ritual of Bone is reviewed in the most recent issue, (issue 4 2019) - go check it out!

There's some fantastic stuff in there.


16th July 2019  -  Fantasy Focus Podcast with Jamie Davis and Lee C. Conley

Check out this newest podcast with Jamie Davis and myself, the Books and Authors Fantasy Podcast Episode 47.

We talk fantasy books, sword fighting, historical battles, survival TV shows, and of course a little on

A Ritual of Bone and writing, amongst other things - it was a great chat!

Watch it Here


5th July 2019  -  A Ritual of Bone Audiobook announcement

I am very excited to announce... I have confirmed the audio narrator for the audiobook of A Ritual of Bone!!

Earlier today contracts happened, and I can now confirm I will be working with the incredible voice talents of R.J. Bayley for A Ritual of Bone (Check out his page Here). I can't wait to hear this!

The audiobook is currently scheduled for release Winter 2019!


1st July 2019  -  Podcast with E.G. Stone and Lee C. Conley

Check out my podcast with E.G. Stone, we talk about A Ritual of Bone, self publishing, historical martial arts and generally talk books - also we get gatecrashed by a cat!

Watch the Podcast Here

Also see E.G.'s video review of A Ritual Bone Here

17th June 2019  -  A Ritual of Bone is released

It is finally here!

The new edition of A Ritual of Bone is released today!! (17th June 2019)

The new edition features a stunning new cover by Cloud Quinot, a re-edit by Tim Marquitz and new maps.

Its available in E-Book, Hardback and Paperback.

Available worldwide from all good book stores or click Here

Front Cover.jpg
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