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Wolves of Valour Publications
Author Services

I set up Wolves of Valour Publications as a small publishing imprint through which to release my books and other works. Along the way I gained an expertise in the more technical side of publishing and now offer the following Author Services:

Audiobook Narration

Do you need a narrator for your Audiobook?

I may be able to help you there! I am an audiobook narrator and voice-over artist.

I have worked professionally in audio production for over 20 years, long before I started writing, as my day job. Everyone always said "you have a voice for radio" or "you should do audiobooks" - so that's exactly what I did! Having that nice British accent, and a talent for accents and voices, is finally paying off.

Check out my ACX profile Here for some examples of my narration range and voice acting skills. We would need a chat to discuss fees on a case by case basis, but feel free to contact me via ACX or through my contact form Here

Book and Cover Formatting Services

You need your book or cover formatting, but aren't sure how to do all the technical stuff? That's where I come in!

I can deliver a professionally formatted interior file for both your physical print book and your Ebook all in one service. It will come with all the fancy stuff you've seen but are not sure how to do yourself.

-Drop Caps? No problem!

-Formatting those cool chapter title art/illustrations you had done? No problem?

-Complicated page numbering and headers? No problem! 

-Professional justification, section breaks, contents pages! I can do all of this for you!


I can also format your cover - now I am not an illustrator or an artist, but if you have had your artwork done I can design your typography and fully design your cover layout. If you have your cover all finished already, I can format it for your printer!



Print and Ebook interior file formatting - £120  (or $150 USD)

Print cover formatting - £50  (or $65 USD)

Both Interior (Ebook and Print) and Cover formatting combined - £150  ($190 USD)

Cover Design

Full cover layout design inc. cover typography - £100  ($125 USD)

(Separate artwork is required for this)

If you want interior files formatting for print and Ebook alongside a fully designed and formatted cover, I will do it all for a combined price of £200  ($250 USD)

(The cover design is considerably more work than cover formatting, hence the higher price than the Interior and Cover formatting only price listed above)

Drop me a message for more details and a consultation Here 

Below is an example of one of the projects I recently did both the interior and cover formatting on 

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