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  • Lee C Conley

SkyBreaker: Tales of the Wanderer is out now!!

This one has been a while in the making and now it is finally here!

Sky Breaker - Tales of the Wanderer

A shared world anthology with some of the best names in indie fantasy today.

Nobody knows what created the tear in the sky, or who caused it. All anyone knew was the tear could be seen everywhere...and everywhen. It stretched not just across the sky but across time itself. Smaller tears began to form around the world. People feared them, used them, investigated them. But the mystery about these tears was dwarfed when a shadowy figure started to show interest in them. A being without form and known only by a name that caused terror for all who heard it: The Wanderer.

With foreword by Brotherhood of the Eagle author Tim Hardie

Out Now!

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