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  • Lee C Conley

Shadow Over Doggerland Anthology

Stone-Age cosmic horror anthology anyone?

"In the depth of the North Sea lies the fabled Doggerland. An ancient world of mysterious people and creatures. A green and verdant land destined to be flooded and destroyed, all but forgotten. What actually happened to the people of Doggerland? Was there some great ancient evil bent on destroying the world dreaming below the surface waiting to emerge?

Fifteen Lovecraftian authors explore the world known only as Doggerland and the cosmic horror destined to destroy paradise.

Book one in the North Sea Trilogy

Stories by:

Tim Mendees , Emil Haskett , Lily Jasmine Bergh , Lee Conley, Simon Bleaken, Vincent H. O’Neil, Rob Poyton, E.L. Giles, S.O. Green, Chris McAuley & Claudia Christian, Gavin Chappell, E.W. Farnsworth, Jasmine Jarvis, Carlton Herzog & John Chadwick.

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