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Book Review - Wrath (The Faithful and the Fallen #4) by John Gwynne

This review should be free of major spoilers but as it is the review of a sequel it will contain some very minor spoilers akin to the blurb on the back of each book - but nothing major - Enjoy

The final instalment of John Gwynne’s The Faithful and the Fallen is Wrath, an incomparable conclusion to a stunning series.

Corban has been captured. Veradis and Nathair have made their choices. The last book as the name suggests left everything in ruin so I was intrigued to discover how our heroes could possibly pull victory from the jaws of oblivion and defeat. Gar does some super cool stuff in this book, as does Coralen. Maquin and Fidele have a heart-breaking storyline. Maquin is truly epic in his own right. The giants play a huge role in this final chapter and the various clans hold some final surprises. Alcyon has been one of my favourite characters throughout the series and he is great in Wrath. Lykos is possibly my favourite villain. This final book pulls no punches, even more of our favourite characters are going to die. There are some great twists. We finally get the huge Godwar payoff we have been building up to the entire series, but at a heavy cost. The battles are huge, in particular Drasil. The smaller fights are pivotal and full of jeopardy for the characters involved. It was such a fast paced page turner, I devoured it in superfast time, one of those books you don’t want to put down but you know will leave a hole in your book-soul when it’s finished.

As this is the final book in the series, the series highlights for me have been the characters, Veradis, Maquin, Alcyon, Camlin, Coralen, Gar and of course Storm. As villains, Lykos and Rhin I think I liked enjoyed most. The Kadoshim were awesome and the changing perception of the Giants over the series was really well done. The battles and fight scenes were excellently written and also gave an insight into the author’s impressive knowledge of combat and swordplay. There were so many great characters and plot arcs woven into the overall story it’s hard to choose my one favourite part. The other thing that stood out about the series is Gwynne’s prose, his writing and narrative voice is fantastic, I always felt the setting was beautifully described and found my self immersed and attached to each of the characters.

The Faithful and the Fallen has secured itself on my shortlist of favourite fantasy books of all time. If you haven’t read it I recommend you do. Go and start your journey into The Banished Lands, I wish I could forget it all and do it again.

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