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A Ritual of Bone - 1 year anniversary post and ramblings...

It was one whole year ago since the release of the new edition of A Ritual of Bone. What a year it has been, just check out the news and events tab and see all the crazy stuff that has happened. Huge thanks to my team, my new editor too, although she didn't do A Ritual of Bone, Alicia has been amazing with Editing the sequel and all the advice and help fixing things over the year, my cover designer Cloud Quinot, Rob for doing an amazing job on the audio book, my beta readers, Michael my publicist, and everybody who has helped me along the way this year. Here's some of A Ritual of Bone's highlights...

It won an award

This was the readers corner award at FantastiCon for the most exciting new novel.

It also made no. 1 on the Amazon bestsellers list in multiple categories on two separate occasions in December!


I could hardly believe it! I had the honour and continue to have the honour of being reviewed and blogged by some of the community's most prominent reviewers - Thank you guys!! See all their awesome reviews in the News and Events tab.

I got to do podcasts, interviews, even featured on a panel with some of my heroes, its been insane!

And none of it could have happened with out the support of all my readers and friends - Thank you for making this an amazing year.

What next?

In just a couple of short months you can expect the sequel, A Ritual of Flesh. I hope you guys all like it as much as you enjoyed A Ritual of Bone, and continue to support and enjoy The Dead Sagas and my other works.

Volume II


Coming soon...

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