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The best place for all the latest news and updates, 

plus my review blog, and my random ramblings and other posts for your enjoyment.

Join me in my quest to read the best fantasy books ever written and to discover the best new voices in speculative fiction. 

I mostly read fantasy, sci-fi and horror, and I'll be reviewing all my favourite books here,

from traditionally published titles, both old classics and new releases, and of course supporting the indie books. 

Sky Breaker has been shortlisted for a BFS (British Fantasy Society) Award for Best Anthology!

A big shout-out to my fellow conspirators David Green , CF Welburn , HL Tinsley , J.E. Hannaford (Jenny Hannaford-Jennings) , Derek Power , Christopher Marry Hultman & Damien Larkin (Damo Danger Larkin)

Fingers crossed guys!

And also big congrats also to Tim Mendees for being shortlisted for best horror novel. Tim and I, amongst others, have been working on the Mythos horror anthology series North Sea Cycle! So big congrats there too!

Check out the BFS award listings Here

I have officially finished my English Literature & Creative Writing degree! I'm just waiting for my final mark, but its done - 5 long years of hard effort, over!

I have some pieces I'm really proud of, which, along with some of my other short stories, I will publish in a collection soon!

In other news:

Over the last month or so, I have written 20 - 30k on The Dead Sagas! I am now back and deep into A Ritual of Blood, hitting it hard, it is long overdue tbh. The final part of the Dead Sagas will be in your eyeballs soon!!

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