Short Stories

A Promise - cover.jpg

A Promise:

Once More Into The Dark

(Fantasy Horror)

A unnamed warrior, a veteran of a thousand horrors. Horrors which no man can face and survive with his mind intact, not without the Narcia. This is a story about the struggle against addiction, overcome only through the love of his family and the discipline of steel.

He must return now to the darkness and face those foul creatures once more.

It Watches

(Contemporary Horror)

A nice walk home through the woods, but something watches.

(2200 words - aprox 15 - 20 min read) 

Dark Waters

(Contemporary Horror)

A naval horror set in WWII.

The submarine featured was a real vessel, the crew names and dates are all real. The fate of U-104 is still not confirmed to this day. This pieces tells you what happened and why you should beware the Dark Waters.


(2200 words - aprox 15 - 20 min read) 


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