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Signed books are available!

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Signed books are available!

Heres some prices:

A Ritual of Bone is £10 paperback, £15 hardback.

A Ritual of Flesh is £12 paperback, £17 hardback (its a chonky boi).

Postage will be around £4 if you're UK, so be £26 for a pair of Paperbacks inc postage,

or £36 for a pair of Hardbacks

International postage is available but please get in touch for an exact postage quote.

Approx postage for

USA, Canada & Australia

(Varying between $12 - $20 for economy which would take a few weeks, depending on weight)

Air mail is also available but can be pricey.

Europe is slightly less than above prices.

If you'd like some signed book goodness please get in touch for an exact price on books and postage, id be happy to sort you out.



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