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Book Review - 300 by Frank Miller

A review of



Frank Miller

I’ll keep this brief, Spartan, you could say.

I love Frank Miller’s work, and I decided to re-read and review his epic graphic novel 300. Its impact has not lessened from my first reading many years ago.

In case you don’t know, it is the story of the battle of Thermopylae in Ancient Greece. We should all know the story; most of us have seen the excellent film. Three hundred kick-ass Spartan warriors stand against hordes of Persian invaders under the command of King Leonidas. They slaughter the Persians but are eventually overwhelmed and die to last man. We all know the story. But it’s Millers re-telling that makes this so special. The dialogue pulls no punches; it’s snappy and bad-ass. The art style is also on another level, and with the epic ancient story, it all combines to make a truly classic graphic novel. It’s an amazing modern re-telling of an epic story that has endured the ages and inspired us for thousands of years.

If you haven’t read it, and you enjoy graphic novels this is a must. The art is stunning, the writing makes you grimace and smile all at once. It’s simply BAD ASS.

(In the words of Leonidas from the Film)


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